Performance Analytics

The ability to analyze data from several sources, in as real-time as is required, ‘at the speed of data’, to gain insight for the purpose of proactively improving Operational and Business efficiencies e.g. improving Return of Capital Spent

The Objective

The Problem

The Solution

  • Doing analytics in mining to improve business efficiencies, and for return on capital spent, is heavily dependent on spatial mining data, from geology, to planning, to where mining happened, in conjunction with the transactional data. But, most spatial data are living on disconnected islands of data, non-referenceable back to the transactional data.

  • The capability to collect and integrate appropriate data in real-time from disparate sources across the Mining Value Chain for the purposes of Analytics, to give direction and information to proactive improvement and risk mitigation initiatives.

  • MineRP brings the non-spatial data of the enterprise into the enterprise, referenceable to the transactional data from the ‘system of record’. By having this combination of spatial mining data combined with transactional data on a enterprise platform, analytics of cause and effect can now be done for mining businesses.