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Partner Program Options


Bronze Partner

The Bronze Partner sells a range of standalone Expert Mine Technical Systems solutions & defined, pre-architected & pre-configured Enterprise Collaborator solutions that require pre-defined implementation by MineRP.


The range of solutions made available to the partner for reselling will depend on its mining segment market footprint.

Silver Partner

The Silver Partner is equipped to sell the MineRP Collaborator & MineRP Enterprise solutions & has certified resources, which can develop & demonstrate a solution to a potential client.


The Silver Partner is on a growth path developing implementation skills which, together with MineRP, will implement the Collaborator & MineRP in One solution

Gold & Platinum Partner

Future partner tiers will be the Gold & Platinum Partnerships which allow the partner to sell, implement and support the MineRP Enterprise solutions.


Gold & Platinum partners will be differentiated by volume & revenue.

Referral Partner

The referral partner is familiar with and has knowledge of the mining industry and wants to market and promote the MineRP Mine Technical Software Solutions which may result in MineRP entering into a solution sale.  


The referral partner's activities are ad-hoc and based on opportunities arising from his current business network.  The resulting sales are activities actioned by MineRP.

EPCM & Consulting Enablement

This program provides a solution that allows for collaboration across the multiple role players in a typical contract.


It allows companies to give their clients access to designs & scenarios during the project design phase ensuring a smooth hand-over in the mine's project phases & for an on-selling of the Collaborator solution after completion of the project.


Partnership Models

Commercial Own-use













MineRP realises that its goal of becoming the global standard for enterprise interoperability, integration and analytics in the mining industry is an audacious one, and that realizing it will require well-positioned, globally relevant partners that are able to take the solutions we offer to the global mining industry.


We have therefore identified suitable partners and are actively working to bring these partnerships to commercial maturity through a range of strategic value creation initiatives.  Strategic partners are differentiated from channel partners based on:


  • The partners capabilities of leveraging the MineRP integration framework by servicing the right-hand side of the double bowtie

  • The size of the partner footprint, or their potential footprint with MineRP technology in the mining industry

  • MineRP's capabilities to strategically compliment the value propositions of the partner - as opposed to merely augmenting their revenue base

  • The partners' ability to effect an order of magnitude improvement in market adoption of the MineRP value propositions


We have developed a three-tiered value statement for each of these partnerships, showing the expected upside of aligning with MineRP in one of three ways - with the partner, on the partner's technology, and inside of the partner as a result of an equity transaction.



Members of the MineRP Partner Program share in the opportunities of selling a broad cross-section of highly specialized and proven software solutions created specifically for the global mining industry.


The MineRP Partner Program is designed to reward partners for increasing the value of their relationship with MineRP while giving new and growing partners the opportunity to succeed with MineRP.

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