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MineForms is a Business Process Modelling tool for Workflow and simple data capturing.  MineForms allows clients to create web-based input screens for data not collected by current Mining Technical Systems (MTS), and/or to initiate fully auditable and traceable action management processes and workflows.  MineForms is ideal for replacing Excel as the input screen and any associated workflows are highly customizable, and easy to set up and maintain.



Implement your Business Processes

Mining software should do more than capture data and calculate results.  MineForms allows you to implement the business processes, escalation, authorizations, and workflow character of your operation to guarantee the transformative value of your platform investment.


Access everything everywhere

Create your own Applications

On your desktop, mobile phone or anywhere you have access to the network, MineForms you can create unique apps to quickly verify or  visualise data, or start processes.

Need specific data that you don’t have a source system for?  MineForms lets you easily create data capturing and process-implementation forms directly on the MineRP Platform.