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Master Work Management

MineRP allows you to effectively plan, orchestrate and track work during the shift.  Integrating seamlessly with most fleet management systems and digital execution tools, MineRP’s Master Work Manager allows for synchronized execution across production, support and logistical teams.


Fully integrated with the Master Business Schedule, MineRP safeguards alignment and synchronization  between operational, tactical and strategic plans and schedules.  


Work management is not only about the work of the people and equipment in the mine.  MineRP’s Master Work Management automates the critical interaction  between production and ERP systems that is required to harmonize the flow of materials, consumables and operators, and remove unnecessary waiting time, shortages or unsafe use.

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Detailed Shift Plans

  • Create detailed work packages for the next shift directly from the Master Business Schedule

  • Assign equipment, operators and other resources based on real-time availability

  • Automate collaboration with logistics and support teams

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Seamless Work Management

  • Automate work distribution to Fleet Management Systems, Remote Operations Centers and Shift Supervisors

  • Adjust task durations, add new work to the plan, and dynamically manage changes in real time

Plan, orchestrate and monitor all work that happens during the shift.  Managed work is safe work!

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Continuous Feedback

  • Integrate with Operator Feedback tools

  • Track and manage resource and consumable availability, movements and delays

  • Integrate with machine telematics and IoT platforms


Compliance to Plan

  • Use spatial production dashboards and 3D visualization to monitor and measure compliance to plan

  • Create automated rules and workflow procedures to actively remove latency from the entire system

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Master Work Management Tools

MineRP WorkManager
MineRP Mobile



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