Integrated Supply Chain

Planning & Execution

Integrated Supply Chain planning is achieved when Mine Planning, Supply Chain Planning, and Procurement Planning & Execution is integrated, over longer- and shorter planning horizons. Several Supply Chain practices needs to be in place, firstly, managing the master data of work planned, Bills-of-Materials, Suppliers, and proper codification and control of parts and material.

The Objective

The Problem

The Solution

  • Mining is impacted by either shortages, or over stock-holding of parts and material​

  • The supply chain is not orchestrated for stock holding at the right places, impacted by low maturity in supply chain alignment, planning, and control​

  • Low maturity in master data management causes procurement processes to be slow and cumbersome, where overriding the procurement categories are at the order of the day, through the use of free text procurement.

  • Integrate the Mine Planning with the Supply Chain planning through Integrated Business Planning, and Production Planning and Control mechanisms, whilst improving the maturity of Supply Chain practices.​

  • To ensure the integration of the supply chain of material and parts, from the mine plan, to the design of the supply chain, to the procurement mechanisms. 

  • This will ensure that stock holding through-out the supply chain is optimized to serve safe, economical mining, where the right parts, from the right suppliers, is delivered to the right place, at the right quality, and the right price.