Maintain and Control Safe and Healthy Work and Natural Environments

Establish the standards, governance framework and operational capabilities to ensure safe workplaces, a healthy workforce and sound environmental  management processes. Demonstrate compliance with HSE & risk management legislation and manage performance implications of risk events.

The Objective

The Problem

The Solution

  • MineRP has partnered with IsoMetrix  to deliver a fully fledged Governance, Risk and Compliance solution. Integrated with the MineRP platform to deliver production and risk spatial dashboards and analytics, we refer to this as MineRP SpatialRisk.

  • Maintaining safe operations is a non-negotiable strategic directive. While the health and safety of workers is the immediate objective, legislation and responsible citizenship requires due care for the environment and community in which the mine operates.​

  • Non-integrated HSE and Operational departments​

  • Compliance-focused health and safety programs that fail to consider the impact of operational mining technical datasets on safety of workplaces and employees​

  • Non-integrated health, safety and environmental datasets inhibits multi-disciplinary view of employee wellness