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MineRP provides an Enterprise, Spatial Resource Planning platform that integrates the science of mining with the business of mining.


MineRP’s right of existence is located in its unique capability to bridge the gap between the technical systems domain and the business systems domains of the mining business.  This is achieved by amalgamating all scientific spatial big data for an “end-to-end” or enterprise view of the entire mining operation and integrating this domain with ERP solutions like SAP.




MineRP provides a single "mining ERP" that integrates the roughly 391 technical systems provided by 91 vendors in the mining technical systems domain.​  This MineRP Spatial Resource Management Platform:  

  • enables inter-operation between siloed technical disciplines, and

  • exposes the entire technical information domain in a structured database for analysis, simulation subsequent optimization.

MineRP used the various solution building blocks comprising our Spatial Resource Management Platform to build industry-specific, value-based packaged solutions to the global extractives industry.


At the core of MineRP’s Spatial Resource Management Platform, is SpatialDB, the enterprise spatial database powering our platform. 


SpatialDB enables storage of, and spatial operations on both 2D and 3D spatial objects stored in a standard Database Management System such as Microsoft SQL Server.  MineRP has implemented the OGC standard for spatial information management with extended capabilities and functions for hosting industry specific data types. 


This implies that all the data created by the myriad of fragmented scientific / technical systems in use at  your operation can be managed together in a single, integrated environment without the need to change systems, vendors or purchase any additional specialist technical software.

Key features

  • Standardised, centralised data store for all mining technical information in use in your business

  • Certified OGC Compliant, ensuring seamless integration with downstream visualization applications (SpatialDB 2.0.95, is compliant with OGC's SFS 1.2.1 standards)

  • Built-in 2D and true 3D boolean functions allows for high-performance, server-side database operations on spatial data

  • Highly scalable and secure to allow for single operation or global company information storage and management

SpatialDB 2.0.95


MineRP Core

MineRP Core is the MineRP Spatial Resource Management platform's central administration portal. 



MineRP Core is used to manage configurations, settings, security, definitions of entities, rendering rules and libraries related to MineRP solutions.


The configurations, such as rendering rules and behaviours of given spatial object types are perpetuated throughout MineRP's  other products deployed at a client's operation.  This assists tremendously with the implementation of design and reporting standards for large companies.




MineRP MiODS is an intelligent Operational Data Store for spatial and non-spatial data.


MiODS includes a Persistent Staging Area, Meta Data Dictionary that describes all data entities and Analysis Layer for creating Key Performance Indicators.

Typically employed as a translation and reporting database, MiODS should not be confused with a data warehouse, as it offers full spatial capabilities, but abstracts the impact of physical reporting overheads from the operational systems.

Key features

  • Centralised reporting and translation data store for all mining technical information in use in your business

  • Built-in 2D and true 3D boolean functions allows for high-performance, server-side database operations on spatial data

  • Highly scalable and secure to allow for single operation or global company information storage and management

MineRP InterOp

The Interoperability (InterOp) component manages interoperability to all the non-MineRP “create applications” (industry expert systems such as geology, mine planning, survey and other tools), and live data feeds, like truck positions, with capabilities to map to the data definitions of spatial data entities in order to enable amalgamation and relation of data.  If required, dataflow can be bi-directional.


Several toolsets are included in InterOp – from tools to map spatial ‘create application’ files to MineRP Core spatial data definitions, to an enterprise orchestration solution, with designer and monitor tools for setting up, and monitoring setup connections.

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An extended Interoperability component that operates closely with MineRP InterOp.  InterOp+ adds additional capabilities to integrate and have certified interfaces to several ERP- and other systems.


It has built-in connections, routing, and a management dashboard with which to manage the running of the integrated processes to other systems. This component delivers on the integration needs into ERPs and other more complex client Enterprise systems, per the designs and patent-pending (USA have awarded as at end of 2019) solutions of MineRP loosely called the “Unified” solutions.


MineRP Explorer

MineRP Explorer pacakages the interoperability components required to define, moderate, and further configure the data amalgamation rules and functions as well the standards of spatial data interpretation and storage, all with the convenience of a modern CAD interface offered by MineRP CAD.


MineRP Explorer is less of a solution building block in itself, and more of a container for a collection of data management functions.  MineRP Explorer harnesses the power of MineRP Core and MineRP CAD packaged with:


  • Domain-specific implementation accelerators (MineRP Core configurations)

  • Expert system Connectors and Convertors (determined by the expert scientific systems in use by the client),

  • Reference libraries and books of standards (determined by the expert systems in use, as well as the mining method and commodity type being extracted), as well as

  • Predefined views and pre-configured feature sets designed to provide a template for the configuration of a solution for a given business domain




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