Digital Short Interval Control

Digital Short Interval Control is all the rage. Yet miners still use radios and job cards to task operators and even large fleets of equipment. MineRP's Work Manager, combined with intelligent spatial edge computing through MineRP Connect will allow your control room to become a digital orchestration centre today. 


The Objective

The Problem

The Solution

Operations Managers need real-time access to resource availabilities, the progress of current tasks, the location of resources and consumables, and much more in order to optimally orchestrate work.


That's why unfettered access to all your mining data is non-negotiable.   Yet, even real-time access to work status and the ability to dynamically adjust operational plans is only half the battle won.


The capability to digitally dispatch, orchestrate and communicate with remote resources - human, mechanical or otherwise, is absolutely critical to remain on target minute by minute.


Too many mines consider themselves lucky if they're able to know the status of work and the conditions of active workplaces at the end of every shift.



Most feedback systems are heavily delayed - and making matters worse is the variety of data coming at operations managers from multiple, fragmented source systems.


Operations managers languish without the capability of creating ad-hoc tasks during the shift against wich automated workflow can be triggered to digitally orchestrate and dispatch consumables, people and equipment to priority workplaces as operations happen - without waiting for the next shift to start.

MineRP Connect, our Intelligent Edge Computing device, provides the capability to extend mobile, wireless connectivity right into the working face.  This provides for the last leg connectivity to the connected resource for millisecond feedback and digital control.


You'll be able to directly dispatch the granular activities and tasks defined as outcomes on the Master Business Schedule using MineRP Work Manager in your Digital Control Centre.


MineRP Work Manager is directly connected to your short term schedule, and through your connected resources giving you the latest information on resource condition and availability, you'll be able to control every task in real time.


Keep your ERP and your short term schedule in live sync while feeding progress back to your operations team in time for the start of the next shift.