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Position Name:  Data Consultant

Location:  Sudbury, Ontario

1. Position Overview

The outcome of this job is effective control and use of datasets, and the data consultant is accountable
and responsible for data and processes that ensure this, both strategically and tactically.

Ultimately, the outcome of this job is to enable data usage in reporting that meets the needs of end-users on multiple levels, providing access to data required by end-users to solve business problems,
address business needs, and support workflow processes.

2. Key Accountabilities

  • Be responsible for all aspects of data within the project. This includes the responsibility for quality, accessibility, completeness, timeliness, accuracy and standards.

  • Obtain and audit sample data sets on projects.

  • Perform data profiling on full data sets on projects.

  • Develop Data Management Plan, with data architect, from its conceptual to the detailed, to the as built stages.

  • Develop inbound and outbound Book of Standards.

  • Implement detailed data management plan and design.

  • Configuration management of Azure servers.

  • Perform data migration testing.

  • Manage continuous data clean-up.

  • Work with both IT and business representatives to formalize and enforce data definitions (metadata), data management and usage policies, escalating mapping and standards problems to project.

  • Assist with the transformation of data to meet reporting needs of end-users, providing access to datarequired by end-users to solve business problems, address business needs, and support workflow processes.

  • Monitor data accuracy and consistency, verification on import processes, inspect the import log file and reports for any errors or data discrepancies.

  • Have good rapport with MTS team, understand their data requirements, data sources, created data.

  • Have good rapport with the management teams, understand their reporting requirements, data definitions.

  • Liaise with business to identify data requirements and potential data sources and ensure that the information meets customer needs.

3. Skills, Knowledge, Experience & Qualifications

The following Skills, Knowledge & Experience are essential to this Position:

Essential Skills

  • Strong problem-solving abilities.

  • Strong analytical abilities.

  • Ability to conduct sophisticated and systematic analyses of Mining data.

  • Ability to translate, transform and manipulate spatial data with a good knowledge of Spatial SQL functions.

  • Experience with Transactional and master data management.

  • Ability to blend math algorithms, in order to integrate system data to answer business questions and solve business problems.

  • Ability to configure and maintain visualization tools such as AutoCAD and Autodesk recap in 2D and 3D.

  • Strong SQL skills (MS SQL) with a focus of Transactional SQL and Spatial SQL abilities.

  • Ability to query and interact with DBMS (i.e. MS SQL, Postgres, Hana), server set-ups and various components of enterprise solutions.

  • Experience with Integration and orchestration platforms such as MagicXpi or Processware for application integration.

  • Extensive experience with Microsoft Azure cloud servers and High Availability functionality.

  • Ability to understand mining data and applying mining method knowledge to reports on how it will be used.

  • Ability to learn spatial concepts and spatial analysis e.g. MineRP SpatialDB, Spatial Dash, SpatialAnalyzer.

  • Ability to understand the integration and relationship between the MineRP solution and other company software, enterprise and control systems such as Deswik, SAP and Datamine.

  • Strong communication skills to work across departments, disciplines and levels of management.

  • An in-depth understanding of Power Bi and Analysis services.

Desirable Skills

  • Capacity to operate methodically over extensive information sets.

  • High degree of detail orientation when managing information.

  • Ability to understand and establish standards and best practices.

  • Focused on providing value to users and building pragmatic solutions.

  • Exposure to the Microsoft platform.


  • Mining:

- An adequate knowledge of mining, and the ability to learn and understand the client’s mining

- An extensive understanding of business planning, mine planning and general mine processes &
  workflows for application integration.
- Understanding of enterprise problems and solutions utilized in the mining industry.

  • Information Technology:

- Have adequate knowledge regarding the software used by the client and their domain landscape and how            integration thereof would take place.
- Understand the client company’s mining data and data flow structures.
- Have background knowledge on data warehouses, data marts, Extract, Translate and Load processes (ETLs),       

  data management, metadata registries, express ETL’s, database replication processes etc.
- Have a good understanding of GIS and Spatial data concepts.


  • Experience working with spatial data within the mining industry.

  • Practical mining exposure with a focus on integration and spatial reporting systems.

  • Experience with mining data and the source systems used in a mines technical and operational department.

  • Data migration processes and scalable data solutions.


1. Mandatory:

Tertiary qualification in any of the following fields:

  • Mine Technical Services Profession (e.g. Geology, Mining Engineering, Survey or other) or:

  • BSc (Computer Science, Information Science or similar) or;

  • Geographical Information Systems.

2. Preferred:

  • Experience in SQL specifically Spatial SQL.

  • Advanced AutoCAD qualifications.

  • Practical experience of software implementation and configuration.

4. Applications

Those who are interested are invited to submit their CV together with proof of their tertiary and other
qualifications to Jhané Nel by no later than close of business on 31 October 2020.

Preference will be given to designated individual applicants within the framework of MineRP


Must be a Canadian Resident or have a valid Canadian Work permit

Position Filled