Asset & HR Resource Management

Manage the information about production resources required by operations and relationships between resources.  

The Objective

The Problem

The Solution

  • The Master Business Schedule needs to be continuously informed on the availability of the required resources, so that informed cost-effective decisions can be made with timely responsiveness to disruptions​

  • Equipment is maintained as per maintenance philosophy and together with breakdowns do affect the available assets for production.​

  • The scheduling of maintenance is often done in isolation and alignment with production priorities being dependent on verbal interaction ​

  • Lack of availability of key resources can lead to production disruption with potential requirement for team reshuffling.​

  • The MineRP Unified Production Planning and Management solution manages the reservation of all resources ​

  • MineRP InterOp integrates with external Maintenance Planning and Access Control solutions facilitating real time feedback on resource availability.​

  • Optimisation engines can be utilized to determine the most effective mix of resources depending on optimisation target.   

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