Mine Planning & Scheduling

MineRP Planner



Mine2-4D v15





Project Setup


  • Import data from (or export data to) external spread sheet sources, such as Microsoft Excel

  • Create user-defined physical properties such as grade, tonnage, meters, and cost 

  • Define labour and equipment resources and assign these to specific activities 

  • Specify resources as either rate, duration, or effort driven

  • Import data from (or export data to) external spreadsheet sources, such as Microsoft Excel





  • Specify Tasks as either rate or duration driven 

  • Colour-code activities to allow quick and easy differentiation on a user-defined basis 

  • Set target ranges for all user-defined properties for production planning 

  • Change the rate of a task over time 

  • Record actual start and finish dates, and track percentage-complete for activities 

  • Change the Gantt Chart display to show date bars, cross tab values, or both

  • Specify Tasks as either rate or duration driven 





  • Define resources as either equipment or labour, and assign them to activities 

  • Build a Resource Based Schedule and change availability and cost over time 

  • Level resources using the improved levelling algorithm, which takes into account resource calendars and provides for multi-resource utilization on a single task 

  • View resources and tasks assigned to them on the assignment bar chart





  • Edit the bar chart period values in-line in a similar manner to a spreadsheet

  • Capture notes on project, tasks, and resources, and add hyperlinks in the notes fields

  • Indicators (icons in the information column) indicate the status of Tasks and Resources

  • Create filters to build customized views in the Gantt Chart area and to use in Cross tab reporting

  • Filter and sort tasks on any field or combination of fields

  • Automatically generate Task filters based on unique field values

  • Link tasks (create dependencies) and automatically calculate the schedule from these dependencies.

  • Colour these dependencies based on dependency groups

  • Create histograms in the Cross tab for graphical representation of data

  • Build basic financial plans through revenue and cost fields

  • Track revenue and costs over time





  • Maintain separate scheduling and reporting calendars, with the ability to report data over any given time period 

  • Schedule holidays and shut-down periods, and display these in the Gantt Chart area 

  • Assign calendars to activities and resources





Dynamic 3D Visualization—EPSViz


  • Link the EPS schedule with 3D graphical data to provide dynamic animations of the schedule 

  • Interactively select 3D activities 

  • Distribute visualizations and schedules to non-licensed users of the software using the free 

  • Viewer versions available for download from the web



EPS Viz provides the ability to link an EPS Gantt schedule with 3D graphical design data to provide dynamic and interactive animations of the schedule, and a whole lot more!



With EPS Viz, you also get:


Instant Visual Feedback


  • Instantly see designs in 3D while scheduling • Changes created in EPS are visually displayed in EPS Viz 

  • Interactively select tasks in EPS, and EPS Viz will synchronise and display your selection visually - and vice-versa!


Improved Data Filtering


  • Filters in EPS are visually reproduced in EPS Viz

  • Considerable Time Savings

  • Visually link designs by only using EPS and EPS Viz 

  • Reduce the need to re-synchronise the EPS schedule back to Mine2-4D in order to see the schedule animation


Improved Schedule Time Reporting


  • See the designs happening at different time periods 

  • EPS timescales update the EPS Viz animation instantly

  • Reduced Data Requirements

  • No need for Mine2-4D project files – you only need the EPS and wireframe files




Interactive Scheduling


Select a task in EPS Viz and have it auto-highlighted in the EPS Gantt chart, or do it the other way round by selecting tasks on the EPS Gant Chart, and letting EPS Viz highlight the task in the design visualisation window.


Clipping & Selection


Filter out regions of data based on:

  • Box clipping or 

  • Path Clipping





Create text, display annotation, or display messages during the animation







  • Define multiple legends with user-defined colours based on value or range

  • Select attribute on which to create legend from picklist

  • Display legend table within animation view




Recolor & Set Transparency


Re-colour  and set the transparency on the designs





Split Wireframes


Split the wireframes according to attributes






Additional Wireframes


Load more wireframes (i.e. geology, as-builts, etc) in the schedule






Animate and Export


  • Save the new design animation file (.moz) and quickly send through email, create video files (.avi) of the animations, or quickly save screen captures

  • Easily export wireframe and string files created from EPS Viz




MineRP MineCAD

MineCAD Base


  • Available as a free viewer

  • Complete 3D layout capability

  • Extensive polyline alteration tools

  • Annotation and Dimensioning

  • Paper space/viewport approach to plotting

  • Dynamic plot entities (grids and north arrows)

  • Advanced view management features

  • Ability to read/write mining datasources

  • Advanced layer control capabilities

  • Block management utilities

  • VB macro creation and running

  • Digitizer: Integration with CALCOMP digitizers

  • Plot Management: integrated check-in and check-out with automatic backup. Rollback capability.

  • Audit trail automatically generated



MineCAD Underground Presentation


  • Advanced annotation tools

  • UG polyline annotation tools (gradient change, safety bays, ventilation symbols, seismic events, drillhole handling)



MineCAD Underground Design


  • Create complex ramp designs

  • Advanced polyline manipulation

  • Wireframe slicing

  • Projection of polylines to wireframes

  • Polyline Boolean operations

  • Borehole warning routine

  • Block model slice viewing

  • Curve table creation

  • Import seismic and survey data



MineCAD Solids Modelling


  • Linking polylines (both manually and automatically)

  • Solid volumetrics

  • Creation of drift solids

  • Endlinking of polylines

  • Solid slicing to create polylines

  • DTM (tesselation) creation and manipulation

  • Solid Boolean operations (union, difference, etc)

  • Standard CAD solid creation tools (donut etc)



MineCAD Block Model General


  • Create slices through a block model

  • Interrogate a block model using a solid for ton and grade information



Specialized mine planning and design for tabular ore-bodies.