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July 2021

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Welcome to the family

Welcome to the family
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While packing for international travel is usually a straightforward procedure depending on the season in the destination country, I found myself packing and repacking my two suitcases to fit everything that I wanted to take with me to Canada. With a negative Covid test in hand, I boarded my jam-packed flight from Johannesburg to Doha and onward to Toronto, where I arrived after 29 hours of traveling time. 

Canada had recently implemented new Covid measures which required me to spend the first three days isolated in a quarantine hotel. Only after I received my negative Covid test, was I able to travel onwards to Sudbury for the remaining 11 days in quarantine. After a total of five Covid tests and 14 days in quarantine, I was finally able to head out into the unknown. Ontario was however experiencing its 3rd Covid wave and went into lockdown three days after I completed quarantine.

While Ontario was in lockdown, outdoor exercise was permitted and I decided to make the most of what Sudbury has to offer and tried to explore a new trail every weekend whether it be hiking or Cycling. To date, I have explored 303km on bike and hiked 50km and still there are many more for me to see in my free time.