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July 2021

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Welcome to the family

Welcome to the family
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While packing for international travel is usually a straightforward procedure depending on the season in the destination country, I found myself packing and repacking my two suitcases to fit everything that I wanted to take with me to Canada. With a negative Covid test in hand, I boarded my jam-packed flight from Johannesburg to Doha and onward to Toronto, where I arrived after 29 hours of traveling time. 

Canada had recently implemented new Covid measures which required me to spend the first three days isolated in a quarantine hotel. Only after I received my negative Covid test, was I able to travel onwards to Sudbury for the remaining 11 days in quarantine. After a total of five Covid tests and 14 days in quarantine, I was finally able to head out into the unknown. Ontario was however experiencing its 3rd Covid wave and went into lockdown three days after I completed quarantine.

While Ontario was in lockdown, outdoor exercise was permitted and I decided to make the most of what Sudbury has to offer and tried to explore a new trail every weekend whether it be hiking or Cycling. To date, I have explored 303km on bike and hiked 50km and still there are many more for me to see in my free time.

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Life sometimes has a way to decide for us. I often visited my dad in Sedgefield and was always astonished by the people’s friendliness. However, I never considered moving there at that stage. It was never an option. During February, I came down again for my dad’s wake and as things turned out, there was a plot for sale with a lovely view of the ocean. Needless to say, I purchased it! Some would say, on a whim. That started the process of relocating.


The move from Pretoria with my two grown German Shepherds was probably the most traumatic experience. It was the slowest 1289km drive I had ever done. My app showed that I stopped nine times. First stop was at a filling station, but that went sour very quickly as my dogs wanted to attack everyone in sight. I guess that is the result of being alone with me for the entire lockdown, no social skills at all. Maybe for me too. From there on, I made sure to stop at desolated places such as farm roads.


I'm still getting used to people greeting each other all the time, I hope that I did not earn a reputation as a grumpy old man. With only around 3000 households, it is not a massive town and the infrastructure reflect this. No Kentucky or McDonald’s. I really miss my Uber Eats as well. But that might just be a blessing, though.


The change in quality of life is fantastic! Driving around town, which takes about 15 minutes in the beach buggy with my two German Shepherds, and the subsequent stops at the beach, long walks on the beach, and breathing in the ocean - makes the move worth it! Even the two dogs have (mostly) improved their social skills. When I start the buggy, they go ballistic!

Working from home, overlooking the lake, makes for a sought after working environment. What a pleasure! Sedgefield is about 35km from George airport, making travelling easy. I did a trip to the office in Pretoria and returned on the same day... smooth like clockwork!


Concerning my work routine, not much has changed! I still have scheduled meetings and “walk-ins”. I still do testing and interact with clients.

I am still trying to convert ideas into solutions and product. The only difference is, I do it with a smile on my dial…