Interview with Rick Howes - A Mining CEO with a vision for a digital mine.

MineRP’s Empie Strydom spent some time talking to Rick Howes (CEO of Dundee Precious Metals) about what it takes to run a digital mine. Here are the key takeaways from their discussion. You can also listen to their podcast here. “My passion has always been to see how we (mining) can do things better. I grew up in the industry and watched how technology and innovation happened over time. I always had the idea that there were opportunities to drive better performance, run safer operations, do things more sustainably. Finding those ways never left me.” – Rick Howes Empie Strydom: What do you think is the biggest opportunity digital transformation will give mining? Rick Howes: I would say the b

MineRP Enabled Financial Planning & Control

Click here to listen to the podcast "MineRP Enabled Financial Planning & Control" This podcast is a follow-up from the previous talk we had with Johan Riekert, you can listen to it here. In this podcast, we are focusing on how MineRP enables financial planning and Control. Follow these show notes as you listen: Financial Budgets and forecasts Consist of two main components (1) Operating plan (2) Cost & Revenue & Cashflow estimating. The process: Break down the mine production process flow and support processes into smaller units of work until we arrive at separately defined ACTIVITIES. More detail about this in a next podcast. MineRP do the mine plan and schedule in a "per activity" level of

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