Will your Mining Company thrive beyond the upswing in the mining cycle?

PWC's 16th annual review of the global trends in the mining industry confirms an upswing in the mining cycle, which they attribute to rising global economic growth and a recovery in commodity prices. The (2008) downturn in the mineral industry forced mining companies to focus on cost saving strategies and improving their operational efficiencies. Three of our major customers' COO's recently confirmed to us that 90% of their efforts are centered on compliance to the short term plan, fighting not to lose a shift's production. Now, before the upturns sweep us away in its gathering momentum, is the time to reflect on the wise, words penned by Winston Churchill as the theme of his final volume on

Short Interval Control 4.0 for Mining

The Process of Short Interval Control (SIC) has its origin in manufacturing and is about tracking task execution against its planned completion at regular intervals in a shift and if need be take action to minimize deviation thereby ensuring shift targets are met resulting in sustainable production. The use of Industry 4.0 technology has enabled manufacturing to actively monitor: the health of man and machine that are responsible for the task and the environment of execution, thereby preventing mishaps that can derail timely task completion, ensuring the efficient use of shift time and that production targets are met. Catastrophic events are escalated to management for analysis and action, r

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