Digitization vs. Digitalization in Mining?

If you, like me, have been wondering what the term digitalization means and what the difference is between digitization and digitalization, then please allow me to use this blog to take you on a short and somewhat simplified journey. I'll trace the history of converting paper and sepia plans into digital formats in order to explain the difference between digitization and digitalization in the mining context. A visual representation or simply a plan of a mine has long been recognized as an effective management and decision making tool. At first plans were created on paper and sepia and coloured in with crayons and enriched by symbols to give context. It was important to have a set of standard

Parametric Mine Design by Audience Participation in less than 15 minutes

Jonathan Chiappero, MineRP's Product Manager, used MineRP's Parametric Mine Design tools to design a mine as fast as the audience could provide the parameters. (Live from: The 7th International Platinum Conference, Polokwane, 18-19 October 2017. The Southern Africa Institute of Mining and Metallurgy) MineRP can generate standards-based, reliable mine plans, fully integrated with financial and costing models. This at any time interval from strategic to short-interval operational plans. In minutes, not weeks. Stock exchange regulatory codes constantly evolve their guidelines for technical studies. Comprehensive mine plans are required to classify Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves. It is a

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