It's all about the data!

The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (SAIMM) held a Mine Planning Colloquium on 6-7 June 2017. This was the third in a series starting in 2012 and running again in 2014. The presenters are typically a combination of mining company planning personnel, mine planning consultants and academics, willing to share their experience in a public forum of peers. This year there was a noticeable change in focus, away from the functionality of the software tools and onto the need for integrated data with integrity not only for planning but also operational control and effective decision-making. The terms ‘digital mine’, ‘digital twin’, ‘mine of the future’ and ‘digital transformation’

What does Space Mining have to do with SAP and MineRP?

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to share the stage with Head of Innovation for SAP Africa, and Mars 1 candidate Adriana Marais at the SAPHILA 2017 conference in Sun City, South Africa. And we had a blast! While it might sound strange to hear from MineRP and SAP on the topic of space mining, the experience both companies bring to the problem of advanced business planning and scenario building for spatially relevant industries provides a clue to the reason why our opinions matter. To be fair, calling either company and asking for the desk of space exploration would probably get you crickets and tumbleweed, but the innovative DNA of these two enterprise-focused companies runs deep and true. “T

Digitization in Mining: 'Mining v4'.

What does digital transformation, or ‘digitisation’ mean in mining? And how is it underpinned by the ‘Industry 4.0’ concepts? A lot is currently written, discussed, and presented regarding these topics by mining advisors, consultants, tech-companies and the like. Companies like Deloitte, with their brilliant Feb ’17 publication “The digital revolution - Mining starts to reinvent the future”, EY with the 2017 “The digital disconnect: problem or pathway”, SAP with a publication in 2016, “Value Creation in the Digital Mine – inspire and shape”, PWC 2017 with “We need to talk about the future of mining”, and the very relevant study published in 2013, of more than 15 years of case studies by CRC-

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