Three of mining's most maddening expressions (and the real truth behind it)

Over the past 15 years in the mining software business, I have had the privilege of doing everything from requirements analysis to software development, implementation, sales and marketing of enterprise software. From a technical perspective, some implementations were simple, and some were frustratingly complex, yet there were three universal hurdles that were ever present - irrespective of the simplicity or complexity of the actual project. I bet you've heard them before: We use a different system for that: And just like that, all the effort of the best software architecture and integrated thinking is defeated with a single blow. In the mining technical software (MTS) business, this is as c

MineRP, Britehouse NTT and SAP maps mining processes

Last week, the MineRP strategic value creation team, and senior software development staff, supported by MineRP's first SAP partner, Britehouse NTT, were privelaged to have two senior, deeply knowledgable staff from the SAP International Business Unit Metals and Mining in South Africa, to continue the co-innovation joint work we embarked on earlier this year. On the above photo, Ruediger Schroedter, from SAP Atlanta, and Kai Aldinger from SAP Munich are standing in the middle, surrounded by MineRP and Britehouse staff and executives. The purpose of the full week's workshop was to map three of the five mega-problems we identified to co-innovate with SAP and partners, to the next level, as spe

MineRP and SAP -bringing innovation to Africa

The launch of SAP’s the first African Co-Innovation Laboratory on 26 October, reinforces SAP’s commitment to Africa and its goal to drive growth and entrepreneurship on the continent. “Africa is a significant source of innovation with global relevance.” says Brett Parker, Managing Director of SAP Africa. “We are confident that the introduction of the first African SAP Co-Innovation Lab, with its ability to enable and, tangibly showcase the innovation and inventions by Africans, for Africans, will enable us to continue to improve lives through practical solutions, increase skills development. Ultimately the goal is to contribute to job creation by stimulating and driving entrepreneurship a

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