SAP COIL launch in Africa

MineRP is excited to join the SAP COIL Africa launch in Johannesburg. We will discuss our relationship with SAP COIL, and the business benefits we offer using SAP HANA. The global SAP® Co-Innovation Lab network is recognized as the place for companies within the SAP ecosystem to jointly work with a broad range of SAP development and business teams. The lab enables everything from strategic alliance initiatives to key proofs of concept emphasizing SAP and partner solutions. Here is some photos of the day so far!

Keeping pace with volatility in the mining space

Mine planning by its nature is multi-disciplinary, If you have not seen the Open Group’s EMMMV Model of the mine planning process, have a quick look before you read further! The model shows the sequential nature of mining - first geology has to do their part, followed by the mine designer (who needs input from the rock engineers and ventilation people). Mining engineers and metallurgist can now join in, after which cost and revenue can be calculated. This process can only be completed in a very specific order, as each activity in the planning process depends on information created by other, prior activities. For example, the metallurgist can only act on information once he knows which part

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