Options to Beat the Mining Trends

According to a recent study by EY, cash optimization is the number one risk facing mining companies in 2016/2017. Whether looking to release cash from cost reductions, speed up cash conversion rates, or optimize the value from current assets, the ability to generate fast, robust business planning alternatives has become non-negotiable. Options (or planning alternatives) are not only needed for the evaluation of cash preservation strategies. Other drivers for developing alternative planning options are equally important: Making portfolio composition and capital allocation decisions require the ability to develop alternatives and simulate their effect on the overall portfolio performance Rapid

Have you seen the new SpatialDash?

MineRP’s browser based spatial analytics and reporting products are capable of doing real-time spatial reporting and analytics of the Big Spatial Data for mining. Whether your interest is improved operational management or executive reporting, there is always room for more accurate, timely and interactive reporting at every level of the organization. SpatialDash is a web based, cloud enabled interactive spatial dashboard application that allows mining professionals to remain on top of operational KPIs. With SpatialDash, users can create rules that combine data from a variety of disciplines, set conditions to this data, and display exceptions, high or low areas, etc. visually in space. New u

Unifying business planning and control with MineRP and SAP

The global mining industry has experienced significant slowdown over the past decade, with the top 40 miners posted a collective net loss and lowest yet return on capital employed. This means that miners are under tremendous pressure to boost output and lower costs at their existing mines, bring new projects online quickly and make rapid asset portfolio composition and capital allocation decisions. The majority of the top 40 mining houses employ SAP for financial planning, and a fragmented collection of mining technical systems (MTS) for mine planning. To facilitate unified business planning where financial and technical teams iteratively collaborate, a unified technological platform has be

It's time to revitalize your mining processes.

Mining operations are fundamentally process driven, making a mine’s processes arguably one of their most important assets. MineRP recognises the critical need to effectively implement standardised processes and orchestrate interactions on a mining operation. Our MineForms solution, built on Processware from FlowCentric Technologies, goes beyond workflow and enables complete control of essential processes and data. “From simple process automation to complex data attribution and multi-disciplinary orchestration, MineForms is a cost effective solution built on the MineRP enterprise mineral resource management framework. Given the legal responsibility mines have to ensure that their processes

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