It's all about (the) e-Learning

As part of the MyRP initiative, MineRP launched our eLearning course, internally on 15 April. This was the first time all members of staff, regardless of department or position, were given free access to any of our generic e-learning courses. Fifty-two of our employees registered for courses, and by the end of the month 34 employees had completed 60 courses. A number of our employees completed more than one course, in addition to 7 users receiving 100% for their assessments. The standards were kept high with a 75% assessment mark required to receive a certificate. My colleagues seemingly became quite competitive by competing with their peers for the highest marks. Overall the CTP (Certified

Our OpenDay field trip to IBM...

MineRP and IBM has worked closely together over the past two years to create business integration solutions for the global mining industry. MineRP, a South-African based mining software integrator, leads the world in spatial integration platforms in the mining industry, and has worked with IBM to create optimization and ERP integration solutions that are critical to an industry currently under pressure due to global demand and commodity price burdens. Given the tough mining climate, mines are obliged to develop feasible business alternatives addressing the areas of strategic business alternative development, and operational excellence focused around productivity and efficiency. The Op

MineRP & partners Open Day - South Africa

​MineRP and partners SAP, IBM and Sandvik, WITS mining school, and TUKS mining school, had a great open day for MineRP clients in South Africa yesterday. This open day forms part of MineRP's current 'mining world-tour' where we started in Latin America in April, and will be ending off in Australia in June. We were very privileged to have over 100 clients, many at mining executive and CIO levels, and heads of planning, that attended. Our partners did a great job in demonstrating what the ecosystem can do jointly to bring digital transformation to mining, to allow it to thrive in times such as we find ourselves in now. Yesterday we announced the final beta release of the MineRP Planner, which

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