Reinventing your mining safety net..

As the largest gathering of mining professionals, the yearly Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) conference is usually a fair indication of the state mining is in. One of the biggest topics at the conference this year is surviving in seriously tough times. We know mining is in a slump, but who will survive it to the next rebound? Even though the commodity boom is long gone, and we have yet to see a significant improvement in prices, miners are still comfortable talking about commodity price recovery. (Jessica Fung, BMO analyst). With limited price recovery on base metals, it will be an uphill battle. Given the situation mining faces, miners need to make sure they can su

The world is not flat, but it's not round either...

This is the first in a series of 3 blogs that will discuss the various survey levels and how they impact MineRP’s new spatial applications available to the extractive industry. This blog will discuss geodetic survey followed by planar survey and lastly local survey. GEOID vs ELLIPSOID vs SPHERE In order to understand geodetic survey, it is necessary to understand the true shape of the earth. The earth is often described in laymen’s terms as a round ball or sphere and technically as an ellipsoid (rugby ball shape) – neither description is precisely correct. According to Carl Gauss (1818), the earth has a “mathematical shape” called a planar survey and lastly local survey. The geoid i

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